While I don’t choose to serve any one type of client exclusively, I have found particular success and enjoyment in serving the following subsets of clients:

Business Executives and Professionals

Business executives experience tremendous pressure on their time. Options for compensation plans coupled with the potential for deferred compensation, possible equity-based strategies like stock options, stock grants and stock purchase plans, and bonus structures, can lead to missed opportunities. My focus is building and preserving wealth through proper tax planning, and providing advice about when and how to execute the numerous strategies available.

Healthcare Professionals

I am a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Medicine and have been on the “front lines”, caring for patients.  As a result, I feel I have a unique understanding of the financial challenges healthcare professionals face. I’m all too aware of the lack of training healthcare professionals get in managing their finances and enjoy helping them overcome obstacles in this area.


For many of my clients, crossing the threshold into retirement is the most significant transition they will experience in their lifetimes.  Understandably they often are concerned about outlasting their money, how to ensure that they will be able to cover the rising costs of healthcare, how best to allocate and utilize their financial resources, and how to maximize their Social Security benefits.  Together we develop, implement and monitor a plan that addresses their concerns and aims to provide them the peace of mind they want and deserve.